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InsideView Apex boosts your go-to-market efficiency and effectiveness by letting you define, automate, and analyze your sales and marketing tactics. InsideView Apex gives you opportunity to do strategic planning by identifying market segments, whitespaces and targets for account based marketing (ABM) campaigns.

For example, a CEO of a Management Consulting company wants to expand her business. She has questions like, “Who are my best customers?” and “What new geographies and industries can I expand into?” Working with her operations team she looks at their CRM and determines that their best customers are large, growing, ‘Industrial Manufacturing’ companies. The CEO also has a desire to do more business in Europe. She works with her CMO/CRO to determine the best prospects to pursue by sizing the various market opportunities for ‘Industrial Manufacturing’ companies in the US and Europe.

In such a business scenario, the CMO/CRO must use InsideView Apex, which allows them to customize the target market with well-defined strategy that is universally understood, and visible to all sales & marketing team members. Because InsideView Apex helps to understand, track, and operationalize the target market with ideal market segments. 

InsideView Apex helps business leaders:

  • Plan their strategy for their target market
  • Execute their best target opportunities and align teams around execution
  • Win and track performance against plan

Please reach out to your InsideView customer success manager (CSM) to sign up for an InsideView Apex account, or send an email to salesteam@insideview.com. Also, for any credit allocation and authorization of your account please reach out to your CSM.

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