Understanding Installed Tech

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Installed Tech data (technographics) is the profiling of accounts based on their technology stack. Similar to company information (industry, revenue, employee count etc.), Installed Tech helps provide insights into the characteristics of target accounts. 

Adoption of complementary or competitive products can be a key predictor of whether an account is likely to become a customer. Knowledge about a company's technographics creates a more effective and personalized communication strategy for each prospect. 

For example, knowing which CRM a company uses (or even if they have a CRM at all) is helpful in understanding that company’s ability and willingness to adopt complementary products and services. 


Demandbase provides information about the adoption of over 18,000 technology products by millions of businesses around the world.

You can build targeted lists in Sales Intelligence and Target by choosing specific technologies. In addition, technographic data for each account is available for export to API and CRM.

Note: Installed Tech is an optional add-on that can be purchased separately. 



  1. Discovering and prioritizing accounts.
    • Find accounts that are currently using compatible technologies through partnerships or integrations.
    • Find existing customers that may have upgrade or cross-sell opportunities.  
    • Assess accounts by researching if they specifically seek out best in class software vs smaller 'budget' offerings.
    • Stop chasing dead-end leads.
    • Drive sales efficiency with tech profiles inside CRM
  2. Finding opportunities to displace competitors. 
    • Find accounts who use your competitor’s technology and target them with key messages.
    • Work with Demand Gen to create nurture series for these accounts.
    • Provide value added content like ebooks, webinars, or Marketer to Marketer conversations to help them see the value of your solution.
  3. Segmenting accounts with precision for sales outreach.
  4. Delivering tightly personalized marketing messages.
  5. Targeting your advertising. 
  6. Creating customized landing pages.


  1. Which technologies do we cover?
    • There are over 18,000 technologies that are tracked, covering a wide range of software and hardware categories. See complete list here
  2. How often are the technologies updated?
    • The data is updated quarterly. 


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