InsideView Data Integrity v181 Release Notes (07-Nov-2020)

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About InsideView Data Integrity

InsideView Data Integrity helps CRM administrators solve their data and process challenges. InsideView Data Integrity goes beyond cleaning data to provide insights and visualizations to help companies improve the health of their CRM data.

What's New in v181?

This release of InsideView Data Integrity has the following new enhancements:

Map Desk and Corporate Phone Numbers in Field Mapping

InsideView Data Integrity now allows you to map desk and corporate phone number(s) of executives and sync those numbers to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Because desk phone numbers are a direct line to individuals, mapping the Desk Phone Number field will increase the probability of reaching your prospect for more efficient business outreach.

With this feature, you can now continue to sync/update the existing desk phone number fields of an executive for a Contact entity. The lead entity will continue to sync the Corporate Phone. If you want to sync the desk and corporate phones into the CRM in Data Integrity, then map these corresponding fields in the field mapping settings.

To learn how to configure field mappings, read the article InsideView Data Integrity Fields and Datatype Mappings in our Knowledge Base. 

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