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Apex Quick Start Guide

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Step 1:  Defining your Total Addressable Market (TAM)


Step 2: Visualizing your White Space

Step 3: Mobilize your Revenue Teams


If you use Data Integrity, published market segments will also be tagged on incoming leads so that you know when new leads are part of your target market. You can use this information to route and score your leads so that high value leads to reach your sellers faster.

Step 4: Measure Revenue Performance

Once you’ve published one or more market segments, you can start tracking revenue performance across segments to verify that you have correctly identified your ideal customers.


Compare conversion and win rates across segments to identify your best performing market segments and discover where your revenue teams are most successful.

If any of your market segments are underperforming, you can tweak your market segment definitions until you’re confident that your revenue teams are focused on the best prospects.

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