InsideView Data Integrity Release Notes v179 (12-Sep-2020)

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About InsideView Data Integrity

InsideView Data Integrity helps CRM administrators solve their data and process challenges. InsideView Data Integrity goes beyond cleaning data to provide insights and visualizations to help companies improve the health of their CRM data.

What's New in v179?

This release of InsideView Data Integrity has the following new enhancements:

Matching Supported With InsideView Company ID

InsideView Data Integrity now matches accounts with an InsideView Company ID. If the company record is not matched and that particular account has the InsideView Company ID in their CRM, then InsideView Data integrity will match that account using the InsideView Company ID. 

Update Null/Empty Parent and Ultimate Parent Fields

InsideView Data Integrity now allows you to override the Parent and Ultimate Parent fields with null/empty values. When a match is changed for an InsideView company, the Parent and Ultimate Parent company fields will be updated automatically, including removing those values if the new match is not part of a corporate family tree. This will ensure that your corporate hierarchies remain accurate and up-to-date.

To learn how to configure field mappings, read the article InsideView Data Integrity Fields and Datatype Mappings in our Knowledge Base. 

No Support for Inactive/Disqualified Leads 

InsideView Data Integrity will no longer update closed, inactive, old, or disqualified leads in the CRM.

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