InsideView Apex Release Notes v179 (12-Sep-2020)

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About InsideView Apex

What’s New in v179?

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About InsideView Apex

InsideView Apex boosts your go-to-market efficiency and effectiveness by letting you define, automate, and analyze your sales and marketing tactics. InsideView Apex gives you the opportunity to do strategic planning by identifying market segments, whitespace, and targets for account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns. InsideView Apex helps business leaders to:

  • Plan their strategy for their target market
  • Execute their best target opportunities and align teams around execution
  • Win and track performance against plan

What's New in v179

The following new features are introduced in this release:

Newer, Better Organized InsideView Apex Search Filters

The InsideView Apex search functionality has been revamped to enhance your ability to find information more easily and build more targeted market segments. Filters are now organized into three categories, Companies, People, and Insights with new filters to allow you to search by Company Name and Ticker

Companies - Search for companies using criteria such as Location, Industry, and firmographic information


People - Search for people using criteria such as Job Function, Job Title, Contact Info, and Contact Location.


Insights - Search for companies and people using criteria such as News, Technology, and Annual Lists & Indexes.  


Location MapThe new Company Location filters to allow you to search across multiple location types simultaneously. You can even select locations in the new map UI to add location criteria more quickly as illustrated:

new_target_search4.png  new_target_search3.png 

More Detailed Search Results

The InsideView Apex search results page is enhanced to give you better visibility into the details of your search results. You can now add and remove fields in the Company and People search results so that you can focus on the information that matters most to you:


New search capabilities in the table also allow you to search by a person or company’s name so that you can quickly find relevant records in your search results.

For more information, read these articles in our Knowledge Base:

Support and Feedback

For technical issues, email contact support. Insideview’s Support team will contact you within a few hours to address your technical problem.

Please share your feedback and ideas with us by sending an email to or click the Feedback button on the right-hand side of this page.

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