InsideView Data Integrity Release Notes v176 (04-July-2020)

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About InsideView Data Integrity

InsideView Data Integrity is a customer data management solution that cleans, monitors, and enriches CRM data to drive revenue and operational effectiveness. InsideView Data Integrity keeps your CRM data clean, so you always have a consistent and unified view of your customers and prospects.

What's New in v176?

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New Features in InsideView Data Integrity

Support for Email Validation Process for Contacts and Leads

InsideView Data Integrity introduces an Email Validation Process for contacts and leads in both Microsoft CRM Online and Salesforce CRM integrations. InsideView Data Integrity offers additional value to users for increasing contact match rates with the email validation process by providing more flexibility to support several email validation use cases.

Note: You create only THREE email validation processes in an instance. Email validation processes cannot be set up to run on a recurring schedule.

InsideView Data Integrity allows you to create and perform the following email validations:

  • Create and run email validations for contacts and leads
  • Define which specific emails you want to validate
  • Validate business email domains. You cannot validate personal email domains such as @gmail or @yahoo.
  • Validate emails only once every 3 months
  • Automatically maintain Email Validation Status, Email Last Validated Date, and Employment Status during process creation itself without any field mapping.
  • Flag contact and lead records with Invalid Emails so that users know they are not safe to email

To learn how to create, configure, and run email validation processes for contacts and leads in Data Integrity, read the following KB articles:

Improved Matching for Contacts and Leads

InsideView Data Integrity enhanced the ability to match your CRM contacts and leads even for previous employments (i.e., outdated records in your CRM linked to a previous company or title). By configuring your field mapping to include “Employment Status”, InsideView will update your CRM with the latest employment status. This helps your sales and marketing teams avoid wasting time trying to reach people who have already moved on to a new company.

Additional Resources

If you are a Salesforce customer using InsideView Refresh and/or InsideView Enrich, please reach out to your AM or CSM to discuss when it makes sense for your business to migrate to InsideView Data Integrity.  They will show you how to migrate to InsideView Data Integrity.

Here are some additional resources to know more about InsideView Data Integrity:

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