About Data Integrity for Salesforce CRM

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Data Integrity is a customer data management solution that cleans, monitors, and enriches CRM data to drive revenue and operational effectiveness. Data Integrity integrates directly with Salesforce CRM to enable business decisions with accurate data for accounts, contacts and leads in your CRM.  

Data Integrity helps Salesforce CRM administrators solve their data and process challenges. Data Integrity goes beyond cleaning data to provide insights and visualizations to help companies improve the health of their CRM data.

How Does Data Integrity Work?

Data Integrity requires an integration with customize application permission to establish a communication between the Data Integrity application and Salesforce CRM. Data Integrity can be configured to push updates as often as every day, weekly or monthly.

To learn how to set up an integration user, read the article Setting Up an Integration User for Data Integrity in Salesforce CRM in our Knowledge Base.


Data Integrity allows you to define which records can be managed using a rule-based system. These rules can be used to create “processes” which will allow you to control what fields should be pushed to your CRM.

Demandbase's unique multi-sourced, triangulated, and validated (MTV) approach to gathering intelligence ensures the most accurate and complete data is available to you via Data Integrity.

Key Differentiators:

Data Integrity offers the following key differentiators to help you win more business deals:

  • Clean data to provide insights and visualizations to help companies improve the health of their CRM data
  • Easy-to-create data processes which allows you to automatically clean and append your CRM accounts, contacts, and leads.
  • Manage precisely which records you want to control and which fields you wish to update.
  • Easy to administer data mapping and update rules across multiple Demandbase products with Unified Field Mapping.


  • Create lead-to-account mapping automatically, which allows you to better route leads by account owner, track account level engagement and measure overall ABM effectiveness.image__2_.png
  • Create and update of Salesforce account hierarchies automatically to mirror the Demandbase family tree data in your CRM without any manual effort by your end users or operations team, making it easier to find related companies and grow relationships.


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