InsideView Data Integrity Release Notes v175 (23-May-2020)

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About InsideView Data Integrity

InsideView Data Integrity is a customer data management solution that cleans, monitors, and enriches CRM data to drive revenue and operational effectiveness. InsideView Data Integrity keeps your CRM data clean, so you always have a consistent and unified view of your customers and prospects.

What's New in v175?

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New Features in InsideView Data Integrity

InsideView Data Integrity for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

In this release, InsideView Data Integrity integrates directly with Microsoft CRM Online in addition to Salesforce CRM. Data Integrity enables business decisions with accurate data for accounts, contacts, and leads in your CRMs.

With InsideView Data Integrity integrated within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can keep your CRM data clean, so you always have a consistent and unified view of your customers and prospects. Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers can now tap into the industry-leading data that fuels InsideView Insights to clean and enrich their CRM data automatically and at scale. Thousands of Dynamics CRM customers rely on InsideView Insights for sales and marketing intelligence. Now they can align on a single source of authoritative 3rd party data for sales and marketing intelligence and CRM data management.

InsideView Data Integrity for Microsoft provides:

  • Standardized and clean data to unify customer profiles for more reliable territory assignments, account hierarchies, email validations, and more.
  • Family tree linkages to help identify organizations and individuals in a corporate family tree,
  • Lead-to-account mapping, enabling companies to easily map inbound leads to accounts, and ultimately route leads to the appropriate sales representative.
  • A consistent, holistic view of their customers and prospects.
  • Interactive trend graphs that provide snapshots of data hygiene, with visual dashboards for revenue leaders to actively monitor their CRM health.

You can also accept or reject changes on individual records or in bulk and choose which records you want to manage, using a rules-based system with manual overrides in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

To learn how to set up and get started with Data Integrity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, read the following KB articles:

Installation and Configuration

Getting Started

Account Hierarchies Support in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

InsideView Data Integrity now allows Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers to create account hierarchies (i.e. family tree relationships of a company) to give customers a more complete picture of their customers and prospects. InsideView Data Integrity provides comprehensive company data including a unique identifier that enables automatic account linking in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

By automatically creating and updating Microsoft account hierarchies to mirror InsideView’s family tree data, you can ensure that you always have the most up-to-date and complete company data in your CRM, enabling your revenue teams to better understand customers and prospects and grow relationships.      

To learn how to manage account hierarchies in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, read the articles Managing Account Hierarchies in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Lead to Account Mapping Support in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

InsideView Data Integrity now supports native Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflows that can be used to “sync” InsideView data throughout your lead-to-revenue cycle. You can automate lead-to-account mapping to allow you to better route leads by the account owner, track account-level engagement, and measure overall marketing campaign's effectiveness.

The Lead to Account mapping feature helps marketers identify which leads belong to which accounts, fueling their marketing campaigns.

To learn how to manage account hierarchies in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, read the article Managing Lead to Account Mapping in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in our Knowledge Base.

Map the Employment Status field in the Unified Field Mapping

InsideView Data Integrity now allows you to map the Employment Status field in the Contact and Lead entity field mappings. You can use this field for key contacts that are not available in a certain account, the employment status in your CRM will reflect “past” employment, helping your sales and marketing teams stay up-to-date with job employments.


Support for Syncing Country and State ISO Codes in Salesforce CRM

If you’ve enabled the ISO picklist in Salesforce for account location, InsideView Data Integrity now lets you sync the appropriate ISO code instead of country and state names. States in the following countries are standardized and supported for ISO codes: United States, Canada, India, Australia, and New Zealand.

Note: The ISO picklist is supported only for company locations.

For more information, read the article InsideView Data Integrity Fields and Datatype Mappings in our Knowledge Base.

Additional Resources

If you are a Salesforce customer using InsideView Refresh and/or InsideView Enrich, please reach out to your AM or CSM to discuss when it makes sense for your business to migrate to InsideView Data Integrity.  They will show you how to migrate to InsideView Data Integrity.

Here are some additional resources to know more about InsideView Data Integrity:

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