InsideView Target Release Notes v171 (01-Feb-2020)

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About InsideView Target

With InsideView Target you can identify prospects faster and build precisely targeted Company and People lists. Using information from the InsideView database, especially company firmographics, job title, level or function, location, contact information (email and/or phone), news and social insights, you can create Company and People lists. These lists can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet or synced seamlessly into your Marketo or Eloqua marketing automation application or Salesforce CRM with just one click. You can also download company and people lists and import them into other CRMs and marketing automation applications.

What's New in v171?

This release of InsideView Target has the following new enhancements:

Direct Phone Number Search Filter 

InsideView Target now allows you to search executives with the Direct Phone Number filter in the InsideView Target home page. When you enter the Direct Phone search filter, the contact and companies that have a direct phone number in the InsideView database will be displayed. 


With this feature, you will now be able to filter contacts with the direct phone number of an executive provided the direct number exists in the InsideView database. InsideView’s Direct Phone Number feature increases the probability of directly contacting your prospect for better business outreach.


You can also filter companies with the Direct Phone numbers in the InsideView Target's Dashboard as illustrated:


To learn how to view executives and companies with direct phone filter, read the following articles in our Knowledge Base:

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