InsideView Data Integrity Release Notes v169 (07-Dec-2019)

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About InsideView Data Integrity

InsideView Data Integrity is a customer data management solution that cleans, monitors, and enriches CRM data to drive revenue and operational effectiveness. InsideView Data Integrity keeps your CRM data clean, so you always have a consistent and unified view of your customers and prospects.

In this release, InsideView Data Integrity integrates directly with Salesforce CRM to enable business decisions with accurate data for accounts, contacts and leads in your CRM.  

InsideView Data Integrity helps Salesforce CRM administrators solve their data and process challenges. InsideView Data Integrity goes beyond cleaning data to provide insights and visualizations to help companies improve the health of their CRM data.

What's New in v169?

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New Features in InsideView Data Integrity

In this release, Insights Enterprise introduces the following key differentiators:

  • Clean data to provide insights and visualizations to help companies improve the health of their CRM data
  • Easy-to-create data processes which allows you to automatically clean and append your CRM accounts, contacts, and leads.
  • Manage precisely which records you want to control and which fields you wish to update.
  • Easy to administer data mapping and update rules across multiple InsideView products with Unified Field Mapping.
  • Create lead-to-account mapping automatically, which allows you to better route leads by account owner, track account level engagement and measure overall ABM effectiveness.
  • Create and update of Salesforce account hierarchies automatically to mirror InsideView’s family tree data in your CRM without any manual effort by your end users or operations team, making it easier to find related companies and grow relationships.

Additional Resources

If you are a Salesforce customer using InsideView Refresh and/or InsideView Enrich, please reach out to your AM or CSM to discuss when it makes sense for your business to migrate to InsideView Data Integrity.  They will show you how to migrate to InsideView Data Integrity.

Here are some additional resources to know more about InsideView Data Integrity:

Known Issues

In this release, the following known issues are observed:

  • Data Integrity allows you to map executive fields for Contact and Lead entity in CRM. However, along with executive fields, all company fields are also available in Contact and Lead field mapping. 
  • Custom fields that are created either at InsideView Sales or Unified Portal may have different profiles within Salesforce instance. These fields may not be accessible in Data Integrity. 
  • Deleted processes data is NOT visible in Data Integrity dashboard. Only current process data is visible in the dashboard.
  • Data Integrity enriches data in Salesforce even if the integration is de-provisioned.

    Workaround: To resolve this known issue, disable all processes that are created for that Salesforce instance. 

  • All Data Integrity emails are sent to InsideView account admins only but not to Data Integrity admins.

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