Manage Profile Information

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Manage Profile Information


Sales Intelligence allows you to manage your user profile information. Users can manage their profile information, update the localization preferences and subscription information if needed. 

To edit your profile information, click the My Profile link.


Localization Preferences

You can change your localization preferences which allows you to localize the currency, date, address format for each company and contact in Sales Intelligence. To change the localization preference, click the Select localization preference drop-down menu. You can choose the following localization preference options:

  • USD/American date and address format 
  • GBP/European date and address format
  • EUR/European date and address format


Once you select an option from the list, your user locale is customized to that particular setting.

Click Save to save all changes.

Subscription Information

For Sales Intelligence Sales PRO license users their subscription details are displayed in the My Profile page as illustrated below:


As a PRO license user, you can click the Request Change/cancellation link to upgrade or cancel your subscription. Demandbase's billing team will handle your request.

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