Creating a Market Segment

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Your user account is commissioned for InsideView Apex by a customer success manager (CSM) or your account administrator.


Follow these steps to launch the InsideView Apex application and create a new market segment.

Step Description Details
 1 Log in to InsideView Apex Log in to InsideView Admin Portal with your user credentials.
 2 Create a new segment If you have not configured any Market Segment, click Apex and then select the Market Segment link to create a new segment.


Click Create a New Market Segment.

 3 Select the location In the Location page, you can do the following actions:
  • Type name of the Region, Country, or State in the Search field.


  • The Geography list enables you to search for companies using the following location types:
    • Region
    • Country
    • State/Province


  • You can select multiple names from the drop-down list. For example, you can select both South America and North America regions.


    Important: You can only add states or provinces in Australia, Canada, India, the United States, and New Zealand.

  • You can switch to state maps by clicking on the drop-down list as illustrated.


  • For example, if you select the United States option, you will see the map of the USA.


  • Select or deselect the states that you want to add/remove by clicking on them.


  • You can do the same on the Canada map.


  • Or, you can also select or deselect countries in the Global Map as illustrated.


  • You can also deselect multiple countries by clicking on them.
  • You can add multiple countries by clicking on them on the map.
  • You can visualize your selections in the left pane and the search results for companies and people change dynamically at the top


  • To drill down at granular level based on your selection, click the node  icon (>) beside the country or region as illustrated.


  • When you click the node icon (>), the state or province map of that specific country appears.


  • To toggle back to the main map, click the Global link.
  • You can click the X button to remove any criteria that you do not wish to add in your market segment.


  • City: Select City from the Locations list then enter a city's name in the City field.


  • Postal Codes: Select Postal Codes from the Locations list, then enter the postal code(s) in the input field. Use an asterisk (*) to specify a range of postal/zip codes.

    Note: Optionally you can first select a country to further narrow your search results.


  • Area Codes: Select Area Codes from the Locations list, then enter the area code(s) in the input field to search for companies operating in the United States and Canada regions.


  • Else, click Next.

Note: You can click Next to skip the step at any stage while creating a market segment. The number of companies and people at the top change dynamically based on your selection.

 4 Enter Company's Employee Count and Revenue  On the Company Size screen, you can click Add Employee Count or Add Revenue to specify the employee count and company’s revenue range to filter your results.


  • When you click Add Employee Count, enter the minimum and a maximum number of employees at companies that you want to target.

    You can also select the Include companies where the value for employee count is an unavailable checkbox to include companies with no employee count in the InsideView database.


    Note: You can opt to leave either Maximum or Minimum field values blank. For example, to filter all companies with employees less than 500, leave the Minimum blank and enter 500 in the Maximum field.

  • When you click Add Revenue, you can enter the minimum and maximum revenue range of companies that you want to target. For example, to filter all companies with at least 5M in revenue, enter 5M in the Minimum field and leave the Maximum field blank.

    You can also select the Include companies where the value for revenue is unavailable checkbox to include companies with no revenue in the InsideView database.

  • Click Next.
 5 Select the industries On the Industries screen, you can select specific industries that you want to target.


  • You can also type the Industry name in the Search box to find it. For example, select the Banks industry check box.


  • Click the node icon (chevron_new1.png) icon to expand the Industry to view and select the sub-industries.
  • Click the node icon (chevron_new.png) again to close the sub-industries view.
  • Select the specific industry or select a group of industries. All your industry selections are displayed in the left pane as illustrated.


  • To filter companies based on their primary business, turn on the Search only primary business button.


    Note: This option allows you to find companies based on the industry that comprises the largest portion of their business dealings. For example, Sony’s primary business is “Electronics” and it has more than 50 sub-businesses in which they are involved. You may not want to see Sony in your search results if you have selected industries outside of Sony's primary business. In this example, if you turn on the "Search only primary business" filter and select any industry besides "Electronics," you will not see Sony in your search results.

  • You can also select the uncategorized sub-industry check box under any industry to retrieve the companies for which sub-industries are not categorized.uncategorized.png
 6 Save Click Finish to specify the name of your Market Segment.


  • Enter the Market Segment name and click Save.


  • Once you click Save, you will see a dashboard to visualize the characteristics of your target market.


  • You can also choose to save your market segment search criteria as a draft as illustrated.market_segment23.png
 7 Modify Search Criteria Once you have created a market segment, you can modify the search criteria by unselecting some filters or adding some additional filtering options.

Click the add_icon.png icon to add new search criteria.


Select any one of the filters that are populated and enter the values for that filter.


For more information, read the article Editing an Existing Market Segment in our Knowledge Base. 

 8 Save search criteria You will be prompted to save your search criteria in the following scenarios:
  • If you deselect default criteria and publish a market segment:


  • If you make changes to you published market segment and save it.


  • If you make changes in a published market segment and click the Home icon without saving them.


  • If you make changes in an unpublished market segment and click the Home icon without saving them.


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