Admin Notes for Installing Insights Enterprise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and Dynamics 365 On-Premises

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The notes below are intended for administrators of Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premises who must refer to this as a prerequisite before proceeding with an Insights Enterprise installation. 

Download the following guides: 

Follow the instructions in the section “Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Internet-facing deployment” to set up an IFD environment.

Step Description Details
 1 Download the tool Download the Microsoft Dynamics IFD configuration tool from:
 2 Add the IP range Instruct your network administrator to add the following IP range to to allow access your network.
 3 Configure the external DNS Instruct your network administrator to configure the external DNS to allow to resolve from outside the firewall
 4 Complete DNS replication  Wait 4-6 hours to allow time for DNS replication to complete

B. Please ensure binding type is set to HTTPS. 

C. Consider setting up a proxy user to provide seamless Sync/Export.

You can now set up a proxy CRM user in InsideView to provider your CRM users with seamless data sync/export. Click here for instructions on setting up a proxy user.

D: Please add the following sites as your trusted sites:



- https://*

- https://*

Instructions on how to add a trusted site here:

E: Any/All Unmanaged Solutions must first be backed up (By exporting them as unmanaged solutions) before importing the InsideView managed solution.

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