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Keep an Updated CRM Database

InsideView Insights offers Enterprise license holders the ability to maintain a clean CRM database with one click of a button. With our sync capability, users can instantly sync InsideView's company and contact details into their CRM.

Who Has Access

All InsideView Insights users with an Enterprise license including the customer administrator.

How to Customize with Custom Field Mapping

InsideView will automatically map default fields to be synced into standard CRM fields (for example: company revenue, employee count etc., and contact name, title etc.)

Customer administrators are able to bypass our default mapping and create a custom mapping of the fields with sync from InsideView into their CRM.

Custom field mapping is available at the Account, Contact and Lead objects in SugarCRM. Below is a copy of what you can map. The 'CRM Fields' column is representative of what you have available in your CRM instance - even if these are custom fields.





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