Understanding Connections

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Understanding Connections


Sales Intelligence helps you expand your referral network significantly and get warm introductions to your prospects by providing a single platform for you to leverage all your existing social and professional contacts and those of your coworkers. Connections are the feature that will enable you to accomplish all of this and more.

Why You Need Connections

Once you add your contacts to Sales Intelligence, you can use your Connections to find something in your respective backgrounds that you have in common with your contact, such as having worked at the same company or attended the same school. There are many ways to leverage Sales Intelligence Connections including:

Find decision-makers: Use connection filters to identify people you connect to in your target company. This increases the probability of engagement and creates more potential business opportunities.

Ask for referrals: Once you identify a prospect, ask your connections for a referral. This will increase the chances of a faster response.

Start conversations: Use the information provided by Sales Intelligence to identify important conversation starters and gain familiarity with the prospect.


People Connections
“People you know” and “People your coworkers know” are individuals that have been uploaded to your organization’s private connection network. All connections of this type will be explicit connections that you and your coworkers have identified as knowing personally.
Company Connections
Connections via “Your Employer,” “Previous employers,” “Your coworker’s previous employers,” “Reference customers,” and “Alumni” are implicit connections based on corporate and collegiate affiliations. Because you may not have an explicit connection to a specific person in these categories, Sales Intelligence employs an algorithm to minimize noise by recommending likely connections based on parameters such as the target organization’s size.

How Connections Work

When you import your LinkedIn, Gmail and Outlook contacts, Sales Intelligence will match them against the executives in our database. A perfect match signifies a relationship to that person directly or through the company they work for. Within seconds, your Connections network is created, updated and refined, opening the door for more referrals and warm introductions.

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