Installing InsideView Insights in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM Online

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InsideView Insights helps you find more leads, win more deals and grow and retain your accounts. Insights infuses your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or 365 with essential company and contact data, business insights and selling triggers, and connects directly to your largest referral network and social media feeds. The information in Insights is constantly updated from more than 40,000 news, financial, editorial, and social-sources and is validated with our data science technology to ensure that you have the most accurate and complete information.

The next sections of this article provide you detailed steps to install InsideView Insights in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Dynamics 365. 

Important Notes:

  1. If your organization restricts network access by third party applications, please ask your IT administrator to add the following IP address ranges to allow updates from InsideView:

    • to
    • to

  2. The Insights widget may not load because you have not added InsideView and Microsoft's website to Trusted Sites. For more information, read the article Configuring Web Browser Settings in our Knowledge Base.   
  3. InsideView Insights is available for the following Microsoft subscription types:

    • Dynamics CRM Online Professional
    • Dynamics CRM Online Enterprise
    • Dynamics 365 Plan 1
    • Dynamics 365 Plan 2
    • Dynamics 365 for Sales
    • Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
    • Dynamics 365 for Field Service
    • Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

Installing InsideView Insights in Dynamics CRM Online and Dynamics 365

Effective November 2016, installing InsideView Insights is done through Microsoft's AppSource Marketplace.

Step Description Details
 1 Get Insights solutions From the Insights page in AppSource, click Get It Now.insights_new_install.png
 2 Log in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enter your login credentials and click Sign in to open Microsoft AppSource.

 3  Accept Terms of Use Click Continue to open the Terms of Use page.
 4 Select the check boxes

On the Terms of Use page, select the Agree to Microsoft’s Legal Terms and Privacy Statement and Agree to Privacy Statement and Legal Terms for importing solutions into Dynamics 365 check boxes and click Agree.

 5 Verify the installation status Verify the status for the InsideView Insights solution is now Installation pending, which indicates the installation has started.


 6 Check installation Verify the status for the InsideView Insights solution changes to Installed, indicating that installation was successful.  
 7 Make Insights available 

Make InsideView Insights available to everyone in your organization.

Note: Anyone who is set up as an Office 365 global administrator can make InsideView Insights available to all users in the organization. We recommend administrators should grant access via this option which provides the most seamless and managed experience.

  • Open any account, lead, contact or opportunity record in CRM to open the InsideView Insights window.
  • Go to Microsoft Dynamics CRM > Settings > Org Settings.
  • On the InsideView Insights screen, click Continue to enable OAuth for all users in an organization.


 8 Accept OAuth access

When prompted, sign in with your administrator credentials and click Accept.

 9 Grant Access and complete installation

Once the installation is complete, navigate to any Account, Lead, Opportunity or Contact view to access Insights.

The user access request starts automatically, and you will know it is finished when you see the Insights Organizational Settings page in the CRM window.

Note: Only administrators will see this page.


Note: After Steps 6-11 have been completed, you will receive an email from Microsoft Online Services Team notifying you that ‘An application has been granted access to data in Windows Azure AD.’  and InsideView Insights is now available to all users in the organization.

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