2013/15/16 Online & On-Prem : Custom Field Mapping

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Keep an Updated CRM Database

InsideView for Sales offers Enterprise, Professional and Account Management license holders the ability to maintain a clean CRM database with one click of a button. With our 'sync' capability, users can instantly sync InsideView's company and contact details into their CRM. This is accessible for Dynamics CRM online, on-premises and via Outlook.


  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (versions 2011+) Please note, OAuth must be enabled for this to work for Online deployments. 
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premises.

Who Has Access

Custom field mapping is an account level option that is managed by an admin. The admin hasthe ability to map InsideView fields to any field in Dynamics CRM, including custom fields. This mapping will be visible to everyone within the account having access to 'sync'.

How to Customize Sync 

InsideView will automatically map default fields to be synced into standard CRM fields (for example: company revenue, employee count etc., and contact name, title etc.) within the account, contact and lead objects.

Customer administrators are able to bypass our default mapping and create a custom mapping of the fields they want to sync from InsideView into their CRM. Once an admin modifies the field mapping, all users within the account (who have access to 'sync' i.e. users with an Enterprise, Professional and Account Management license ) will see the changes reflected in the sync window. For more information, refer to the article How to Map Custom Fields (Sync) in our Knowledge Base.

Fields Mapping Options

Custom fields are being supported only for the following field types.

  • Single Line of Text
  • Option Set (Only Ownership and Industry fields are supported)
  • Whole Number
  • Floating Point Number
  • Decimal Number
  • Multiple Lines of Text

The following field types are NOT supported at this time:

  • Two Options
  • Image
  • Currency
  • Date and Time
  • Lookup

Shown below are all of the field mapping options by CRM object, Account, Contact and Lead. 









Workflow Example

Images 1-6 below will walk you through the sequence:

 (1) Default 'Sync' View



   (2) Admin view with options to change the mappings




 (3) Choose from List of available CRM field mapping options 



 (4) Confirmation of saved changes



 (5) CRM view of 'sync' with new mapping



(6) Special note


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