Introduction to Subscription API

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The Subscription API goal is to provide client systems — typically CRM systems — with the ability to maintain up-to-date information about companies and people.

CRM systems have accounts, leads and opportunities in which there will be stored company information. Rather than polling for all these company records, the InsideView subscription system provides client systems with alerts for specifically those companies that InsideView has updated. The subscription can be further tailored to provide updates only when specified fields of InsideView company records change.


Alerts contain lists of company IDs or People Ids depending on type of subscription. The client system uses the existing company API or People API to retrieve the actual records.

The InsideView API is a true push solution with the pushes occurring on a specified interval. The client system provides a webhook to which the alerts are posted at most 120 minutes after the specified time.

InsideView posts to the webhook are signed using Hash-Based Message Authentication Code (HMAC) so that the client can filter out unauthorized use of its webhook.  InsideView also supports 2-way SSL. 

Because some companies may not be willing or able to expose webhooks to their system, the subscription API also offers a polling solution. 

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