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InsideView Refresh™ identifies and corrects bad data in your CRM˟˟, supplies missing information, and maintains the accuracy of data via regular updates. InsideView Refresh automatically cleans critical business-to-business (B2B) data to improve response and win rates.

Data Challenges

Data is most actionable when it reflects the latest market conditions. The ever-changing nature of the business world, both inside and outside your organization, poses constant challenges to maintaining accurate, relevant CRM data.

  • Outside your organization – Company revenues rise and fall. Companies grow their headcount and offer new products and services. The market shifts from day to day. According to Biznology, B2B application data decays a rate of more than 5% every month or 70% per year.
  • Within your organization – It's hard to maintain good data and preserve a standardized "master customer record" because sales representatives change, territories are redrawn, and your company data evolves. This problem is exacerbated by your sales, customer service and marketing teams constantly updating and changing your customer data within Salesforce and other systems.

How InsideView Refresh Works

InsideView Refresh integrates with CRM˟˟ directly and can be configured to schedule updates as often as every day.

InsideView Refresh offers the ability to define which records are to be managed using a rule-based system with overrides. These rules can be used to create “segments” that will allow you to create alternate field mappings. Field-level controls offer the flexibility to update up to 40 data fields.

InsideView Refresh triangulates real-time data from 40,000 data sources and updates inaccurate information as well as supplies any missing fields with the right data.


InsideView Refresh integrates in Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Currently, it sends updates only for an Account and a Contact entity in Salesforce CRM and only Account updates in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


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