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InsideView Mobile offers immediate access to in-depth Insights anytime, anywhere, enabling you to find critical business information when you are on the go.

Now you can connect to InsideView using your mobile device and quickly perform important tasks with easy-to-use interfaces. This article outlines some user scenarios and explains how to accomplish a task, using InsideView Mobile

Important Notes:

  • InsideView Mobile is currently available in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.
  • InsideView Mobile is supported on all variants of iPhone 4, 5, 6, and 7. It is also supported on iOS 8 and above.
  1. You are a Sales Professional and you have regular meetings with your prospects. You need to research a specific company and the people you are going to meet.
  2. You are a Sales Professional targeting a prospect and you are in an advanced stage of the sales cycle. You are looking for more information on this prospect to identify a possible trigger point that can make your product a more attractive investment or revive your sales pitch. You need the latest news so that you can have relevant and meaningful conversations. 


    You are a CSM (Customer Success Manager)/RM (Relationship Manager)/AM (Account Manager) who meets regularly with customers. You want to be informed about latest updates that will enable you to have meaningful conversations and help you retain the account or up-sell/cross-sell.

  1. You are a corporate professional attending a conference and you just met Joe and you want to know more about him and his employer. 

User Scenario 1: Away from your Computer

  1. When you install the InsideView Mobile app, a pop-up appears requesting access to your calendar. Tap OK.
  2. After you log in, you can see all of your scheduled meetings under the ‘Meetings Tab’. Your meeting details appear as illustrated in the screen below:


3. The Meetings Tab displays the company and the people with whom your meetings are scheduled. Company names are displayed first, followed by the list of people in the attendees list. You can scroll up and down to see other meetings and also select any other day from the calendar. 

From the above screen, you can:

Research a Company

  1. Tap the company to view details, as illustrated in the screen below:


  1. You will see a brief description about the company. Click the corresponding icons to:

      Call someone in the company,

      View the company website

     People_Icon.pngLook for people in the company

      Locate the company address on a map

      Follow the company

  1. You can also get to see news related to the company from the section ‘In the news’. Scroll down further to view the company's Social Insights of the company, as illustrated in the below screen.


Note: To view company tweets and Facebook posts you must log in to your Twitter or Facebook account.

Researching an Executive

  1. Tap the executive name on your mobile to view details, as illustrated in the screen below:


  1. The above screen displays a brief about the executive including the executive’s education and work history. Click the corresponding icons to:

      Call someone in the company,

      Send an email

      Research the executive's company 

      Follow the executive

  1. Scrolling down gives you a peek into the social influence of the executive and further down you can browse through the section ‘In the news’ to see news about executive.
  2. Continue scrolling to see social insights about this executive including his/her tweets, who s/he follows, those following him/her and so on.

    Note: You must log in to your social networking sites to see this information.

    You will get to see up-to-the-minute news about a company or an executive if you have a meeting scheduled with them. Besides, you will also get to browse news of all companies you are following in Watchlists in the News Feed tab.

  3. InsideView Mobile’s in-built capability endeavours to provide you up-to-date news always. As illustrated in the screen below, InsideView Mobile broadcasts the number of new articles available. Tap 2 New Articles in the screen below to browse the news updates. At the bottom, you can also see a bubble notification that gives an indication about news updates.


  1. A badge notification, as illustrated below, appears on the InsideView icon on your home screen to indicate availability of most recent news.


User Scenario 2 : On the Road

InsideView Mobile offers many features to stay attuned to the latest updates across your clients. To accomplish this, you must configure a few settings so that InsideView can trigger notifications.

Follow a Company and/or Executive

  1. When you follow an executive or company, you will receive email alerts with the latest news about the company or individual. To follow an executive or a company, click the ‘’ symbol as illustrated in the screen below:


  1. The icon changes to ‘ ‘ to indicate you are following an executive or a company.
  2. By default, InsideView sends you email alerts daily. If you would like to change the frequency of email alerts, you will need to set this in InsideView Insights standalone version, as illustrated below:


  1. For detailed information on setting up email alerts, refer to the Managing Your Email Alert Settings section on the Managing Watchlist article on our Knowledge Base.

The News Feed tab provides you with news about the companies on all of your Watchlists. It keeps you informed about latest insights about those companies and you will also see the news about the companies you may be meeting within the next 15 days. 

User Scenario 3: Away from Office

InsideView Mobile offers a robust search capability to find the information that you need in the moment.

  1. To research about an executive or a company, go to Search ( ), specify the name of the executive or the company and look up important information related to the executive or company. As you perform your search operation, InsideView Mobile auto-suggests names to make your task easy, as illustrated below:


  1. Tap the executive name on your mobile to view details, as illustrated in the screen below:


  1. As illustrated in the screen above – you can call, email, and follow the executive. You can browse through the ‘In the news’ section, get social insights and go through a brief overview of the executive. 

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