Introduction to the API

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By utilizing InsideView’s APIs in your application, you can offer your users: 

  • Rich, accurate and continually updated contact and company data.
  • Data triangulated from more than 40,000 data sources, including the open web, editorial and financial coverage, user-generated content, and social-media activity.
  • Validation by proprietary algorithms and by InsideView’s editorial personnel.
  • Efficient searches that return relevant results, based on as little as one search parameter.

Knowledge Base Contents

In the API knowledge base articles, will find some articles on:

You will also find the documentation for each endpoint, organized by collections:

API Collections and Use Cases

InsideView API are organized in different collections:

  • the Data API collection
  • the Enrich API collection
  • the Target API collection
  • the Insights API collection

A variety of use cases can be supported with these APIs, and more APIs supporting more use cases are in InsideView's APIs product roadmap.

It is worth noting while discussing use cases, that at first glance, the Enrich API collection seems to be very similar to a combination of Data API collection endpoints. However, its use case is substantially different.

Companies Search and Contacts Search are starting points when users have the information to narrow search results down to a specific company or person. The users must know enough about the company or person that they can examine the search results and identify the specific results they want.

By contrast, the Enrich endpoint is used when a user or system is supplying fragmentary information and desires an algorithmic best match to return the information that matches and supplements the fragmentary information. A typical example would be to take marketing leads—generated from some source such as a conference booth—and to turn those leads into much more complete records for follow-up.

The Target API endpoints corresponds to a different range of use case, where the focus is on acquiring new names (companies or contacts) based on various criteria.  This collection new collection already offers the ability to acquire new contact names for a given company.

With the Insights API endpoints, you will be able to access different type of information related to companies and contacts, like categorized news.

Exploring the Articles and the APIs

You could familiarize yourself with the API and test your application's ability to access the API by starting with a simple endpoint, such as Companies Search. Some understanding of the authentication and authorization features will be necessary, since they are applicable to all endpoints.

With one endpoint understood and utilized, it will be straightforward to complete the understanding of authentication, authorization, throttling and quota monitoring and to branch out to other endpoints.

Additional Resources

Supporting articles for those already mentioned include:

For questions not well or clearly answered by the knowledge base, InsideView welcomes feedback and is committed to its partners' success with the API.

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