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Why is the sum of unique companies counts and duplicate companies counts more than matched companies?

InsideView Diagnose gives you insights into how many records are identified as duplicate companies. When two or more records are matched with the same InsideView company, they are considered as Duplicate records.

In the following example, 1000 matched records from the input file are matched to 995 unique companies. The remaining 5 non-unique records are duplicate because they have 1 duplicate record each and that duplicate company is also counted as a duplicate record. Therefore, you see 10 duplicate records.


Why should I run InsideView Diagnose?

InsideView Diagnose analyzes your database to give you insight into how much of your data contains incomplete and duplicate information. InsideView Diagnose also helps you understand the makeup of your database by providing industry, firmographic, and geographic segmentation.


How secure is my data?

Data security is paramount at InsideView.  Your data is your own and will never be shared.  See our terms of use for the full policy.

What should I do if I don't receive an email from InsideView Diagnose after a data file is processed?

Once your data is processed, you will receive an email notification from InsideView Diagnose with status of company or contact matches that are found as illustrated:


Note: Check your spam folder as the message may have been redirected.  You may also want to double check that you entered the correct email address.

How long does it take to run InsideView Diagnose?

InsideView Diagnose might take up to 24 hours to process data test requests depending on the file size. You can now process a maximum of 50,000 records.

What formats are supported?

InsideView Diagnose currently supports .CSV, .XLSX and .XLS files.

Are there any limits on the size of the file/number of records?

Currently you are allowed to upload a file of up to 50,000 records each for data assessment. You must upload a separate file of 50,000 records either for companies or contacts/people in each data test to be processed. 

Why do I need to map fields?

InsideView will attempt to automatically map your columns fields on your labeled headers.  It’s important to review the auto-mapping prior to analysis to ensure accuracy. You need to map at least one mandatory field to retrieve relevant matches from InsideView database.

When a .CSV, .XLSX or .XLS file is imported in InsideView Diagnose, it automatically maps identified headers.  In the Map Fields page, map the mandatory fields such as Company Name, InsideView ID or Website.

For example, select the Company Name and map it to the Account names that are pulled from the file that have uploaded as illustrated:


What are the minimum required fields for a diagnose report?

InsideView only requires the Company Name or InsideView ID field for company data test. For contact/people data test, it requires Email ID or Last Name field.

Company Data File

You can upload an .xlsx, .xls or .csv file. Your company data file must consist any one of these InsideView Company IDCompany Name and Website fields to retrieve matches for the company data that you wish to upload.  If there are multiple sheets in your .XLSX or .XLS file, then only the first sheet will be considered for retrieving company matches.


Contact/People Data File

You can also .upload an .xlsx, xls or .csv file. Your people data file must consist either Email or any one of these Last Name, Company NameWebsite or InsideView ID fields to retrieve matches for the contacts that you wish to upload. If there are multiple sheets in your .XLSX or .XLS file, then only the first sheet will be considered for retrieving contact/people matches.


InsideView recommends including the following fields for a greater level of accuracy:

  • Company Name
  • Company URL
  • InsideView ID
  • Email Address
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • Industry
  • Revenue
  • Employees


How are duplicates determined?

Duplicates are calculated on Exact Match of Company Name. If same company name is listed multiple times but different location input data is provided, upon match they’re not considered duplicates.

What is the Industry and Company Profile section in the results?

The industry and company profile sections of the results summarize your top industries and companies based on number of employees and annual revenue. 

Industry breakdown is based on InsideView’s industry mapping structure.

How do I know my diagnose report is complete?

Analysis is conducted in real time with the percentage of completion shown on screen.  Once complete, your results will be displayed automatically.

My file analysis is stuck in “in progress”, what should I do?

Analysis of a new file typically takes about two minutes to complete but at times it can take a bit longer or may be up to 24 hours depending on the number of records to be processed.  If you believe your analysis has frozen, please refresh your browser window.

How do I view my diagnose report?

Your data assessment is displayed automatically once analysis is complete.  To review a previously completed analysis, just click on the file after you login to the application.

Can I download my diagnose report for offline viewing?

One the results page, click the “Get Clean File” option.  A notification window will appear to inform you that an InsideView representative will contact you to grant access to the cleaned file.

Do I have to pay for access to the cleaned file?

No, the cleaned sample file is complimentary.  We do ask for 15 minutes of your time to discuss your data needs related to your sales and marketing goals.

Is there a limit on how many diagnose reports I can run?

Yes, each user is allowed to process 1 file of up to 50,000 records each.

Will InsideView Diagnose analyze my contact data?

While InsideView’s database includes contact information as part of our CRM Intelligence Platform, InsideView Diagnose is currently limited to company data only.  

What types of data elements does InsideView provide in the cleaned sample file?

We provide up to 40 company and contact data fields including but not limited to Company Name, Website, Annual Revenue, Number of Employees, Location Data, Industry, NAICS, SIC, Parent Name, Ultimate Parent Name, etc.

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