How to Edit Match Score Thresholds for Uploaded Lists

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When uploading a list of companies to Apex, Sales Intelligence, or Target, you can set up the match score threshold to determine which companies can be automatically matched to companies in our database.

Here’s how you can create static lists with match score settings for a list of companies::

Step Description Details
 1 Log in to Apex Log in to the Admin Portal.
 2 Go to the List page Click Apex in the left pane and select the Account Based Lists option. To create a new list, click New.

 3 Upload file to create a static list Click Upload to select an .xlsx, .xls or .csv file with one or more of the following fields to create a company list:
  • InsideView ID
  • Company Name
  • Website
  • Street
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Zip

Note: Make sure InsideView ID, Company Name or Website field is in the file because it is mandatory to include at least one of these fields for creating a static list. All other fields are optional.

Click Upload a file. In the Upload dialog, click Browse to select the file that you want to upload as illustrated below:

 4 Map fields  In the Map Fields page, select the fields that you want to map for companies uploaded. For example, select the Company Name and map it to the Account names that are pulled from the file that have uploaded.


By default, the Match Score Threshold setting is set to the account setting, which is defined in the Unified Portal Match Score page.

You can edit the match score setting by clicking the Pencil icon as illustrated:match_score_small.png

In the Edit Match Threshold dialog, drag the slider to change the Match Threshold value, and click Save.


Note: The Match Score Threshold setting is editable only when you are creating the static list for the first time. You cannot edit the Match Score Threshold setting when you re-upload the data file once the setting is predefined.

 5 Start matching process Click Next to start the matching process to find matches for companies in the database as illustrated below:


Once the matching process is complete, the match results appear.


  • If a match is found, you will see the number of companies that are matched.
  • If a suggested match is found, you will see the number of companies that have a suggested match.
  • If a match is not found in the database, you will see the number of companies that are unmatched. Where you need to help in finding a correct match.
 6 Review Matches Click Review to view the details.
  • If the company record is not found, click the Find the correct company link to find a match as illustrated below:


  • On the Choose Correct Company window, enter the company name in the Search box, then select the correct company and click Save.


  • Once all companies are matched, click Next.
 7 Save Review your list of matched companies and click Save.



In the Save dialog, enter the name in the List Name field. For example, enter US Software Companies.


Once the list is saved, you can view the Recommendations of similar companies based on your uploaded list as illustrated below:


Notice the number of companies that are in your market segment; this indicates your total addressable market based on the criteria from your uploaded list


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