Configure Field Mapping

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Map InsideView Insights data fields with CRM fields to retrieve data that is relevant for your business and enable your CRM users to update their CRM records with one click.

Follow these steps to configure field mappings for your organization:

Step Description Details
1 Go to Insights Org Settings Sign in to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Go to InsideView  Org Settings.


The Field Mapping page opens by default.

2 Map the desired Fields into the Custom Field Map InsideView Insights field to CRM’s field in the Accounts, Contacts, and Leads areas as needed for your business.

Note: CRM fields that are mapped against fields in InsideView Insights should use same datatypes. For example, the ‘Revenue’ field, which uses 'String' datatype in Insights can be mapped to fields that have 'String' as the datatype in your CRM.

In case you do not find the field you are looking for, you can create a new custom field. Click Add a Custom Field link to do so.


Enter a name for the custom field on the pop-up and click Save.


A new field is created in the Dynamics CRM for that entity and mapped to the InsideView Insights field.

3 Save the Field mapping Click Save to save the Insights and CRM field mappings.


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