2015 Online : Adding InsideView 3.2 to MS Dynamics CRM Custom Forms

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Adding InsideView to your custom forms is an easy process in MS Dynamics CRM. To accomplish this, perform the following instructions:

Step Description Details
 1 Log in as admin Log in to your CRM as an Admin.
 2 Open the Customization Screen Point your cursor to Settings -> Click Customizations
 3 Customize In the resulting screen, click Customize the System
 4 Open Entities and expand Account Click ‘Entities’ on the left side of your screen and then expand Account.
 5  Select Forms Select Forms and in the resulting screen click Account. The following screen appears:

 6 Customize the Entity Form To Customize the Entity (Account) Form, perform the following steps: 

Go to  Insert tab, select ‘One Column’


 7 Insert a new Web Resource Click Web Resource and insert a “Web Resource” using the below details:
Select web resource as iv_connector_narrow
Name: SocialInsights
Label: Insights
Select the check boxes as illustrated in the figure below.

 8  Provide details in the Formatting tab Under the Formatting tab, specify the following:

No of Rows: 17
Refer to the snapshot below for other settings

 9 Save and Publish Click OK to Save and Publish
 10 Repeat the steps Repeat these steps for different forms

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