How Does Enrich Map Data

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Enrich empowers you with more lead information. This article focuses on the Overwrite Existing and Export functionality associated with the Enrich product.

Overwrite Existing
Overwrite Existing functionality gives you the option to either retain existing data or overwrite it with Demandbase data when mapping to your CRM or marketing automation system.

You can set this option for each data field by selecting or de-selecting the Overwrite Existing checkbox for each field in the default field mapping. The fields with a check box will be overwritten with Demandbase data. Empty fields will also be populated with Demandbase data. Unchecked fields will retain existing data.

Example: You have 20 fields in your CRM and you have selected the Overwrite Existing checkbox for 15 of them. Those 15 fields will always be overwritten with data from Demandbase and the remaining 5 fields will retain the existing information unless they are empty, in which case they will also be overwritten with Demandbase data.

Export File
The Export file contains Input and Output information. The Input column contains the data that was in the field originally and the Output column contains the value in the field after it was overwritten with Demandbase data. The Export option is not impacted by the Overwrite Existing setting.


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