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Understanding Agents


Agents are search “robots” that retrieve news articles and current events about companies and people of interest to you. Sales Intelligence groups these articles into sales-relevant categories such as Leadership Changes, New Offerings, and Expanding Operations. Using these agent results, you can identify business opportunities with your target companies and find conversation starters that can help you better prepare to approach your target.

Agent Types

Standard Agents: Agents that are predefined with select keywords to gather specific business-related news, such as Leadership Changes, New Offerings, etc. These agents are selected by default in Sales Intelligence. The following figure shows the list of standard agents available:


Team Agents: Agents created for you, according to your requirements, by your customer success manager (CSM), which are shared across your team.

Custom Agents: Agents that you can create with keywords and other criteria to specify what kind of news you'd like to see for a target company or a contact. For more information, read the article About Custom Agents in our Knowledge Base.

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