Managing Export Settings

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Sales Intelligence administrators can adjust Data Export settings in the Account Admin section. Data export allows Demandbase users to update fields and export Account, Contact, and Lead data from Insights to Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce CRM.

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1 Open the Account Admin page Click on Account Admin in Sales Intelligence. 


2 Go to Map Fields

On the Admin page, go to Account Settings  Map Fields and edit the  Export Settings for Bulk and Single records. 


3 Apply field-level settings

For each field, the Admin can choose one of the following options:


  • No restrictions - All data from Demandbase will be pushed into the CRM, overwriting existing data if present.

  • Update, if blank - Demandbase will only write if the existing value in the CRM is blank.

  • Do not update - Demandbase will never overwrite to the CRM, regardless of whether or not there is already a value in the field.

You can choose to apply export rules for all users by clicking Account Export Settings on the top right.  

*By default, Create duplicate records in CRM is disabled. To create a duplicate record, Create new records in CRM and Create duplicate records in CRM must be enabled. This also applies to Contact and Lead Export settings. Click on the Contact and Lead tabs to adjust export settings for those objects. Screen_Shot_2022-03-31_at_12.22.00_PM.png

Click Save.

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