Using Intent Data

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Intent data gives you an edge over your competitors and provides you with more insights to identify companies that are currently in the market to buy your products or services.

In Sales Intelligence, the Intent topic surges are displayed on each Company record to inform you about which Intent topics that company is currently researching and consuming out on the web.

Note: Intent Data is available for customers who have purchased the Elite license or Enterprise license customers who have purchased Intent data as an add-on. To set up or change your Intent topics, contact Support or your Demandbase account team.

Finding Intent Surges

You can use Intent surge information to:

  • Identify companies that are interested in your products and services.
  • Identify companies that are researching your competitors.
Step Description Details
1 Go to the Company page Go to a Company record. Intent Surge topics are listed on the upper right. 


2 View the Intent details Click on the Engagement tab for intent surges with intent topics, score, and trend.
  • Score: How much a company has researched a particular topic over the past week. The higher the Intent Score, the more likely that company is looking to buy a particular product or service.
  • Trend: Difference between the current and previous week’s scores. 

Click Export to export the Intent Data topics to CRMs, Excel, or CSV.





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