Reviewing Email Validation Process Matches

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This article provides detailed instructions about how to review the email validation process results in InsideView Data Integrity. 

Note: When you accept an update from the InsideView Data Integrity dashboard, the data is synced into your Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Once the data is synced, you will no longer see that update on the dashboard. If you reject an update the update will also be removed from the dashboard.

Step Description Details
1 Go to the Review Email Validation page Log in to InsideView Data Integrity instance and click on Review Email Validations link to open the Review Email Validations page.


The Review Email Validations with your CRM integration appears.


You can also review the email validations by clicking the number of emails in the process card as illustrated:


2 Review email validation On the Review Email Validations page, you can perform the following actions:
  • Status Bar - Click the area in the status bar to see the percentage/number of Valid Email, Valid DomainInvalid Email, Not Processed, and Failed email validations. 


  • Search for contacts/leads - Enter the name of the contact/lead in the Search field.
  • Account - Click the Account link to sort the contacts/leads by account aggregation.
  • Email - Click the Email link to sort the contact emails based on alphabetical order.
  • Validation Status - Click the funnel icon, and select the desired option to filter contacts/leads based on the validation status as illustrated:


  • Employment Status - Click the funnel icon and select the desired option to filter contacts/leads with employment status as illustrated:
  • Process Name - Click the funnel icon and select the desired name to filter contacts/leads with email validation process names as illustrated:


  • Last Validated -  Click the Last Validate link to sort email validation based on last validated dates.
3 Review updates To review the update percentages, click the various options in the chart to the right of the corresponding update(s) and view them as illustrated:


When you click the Processed, Matched, Updated, or Email Validation links the update(s) are changed and you can view only the selected options with the percentage of the results in the dashboard.

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