Setting Up InsideView Data Integrity in Salesforce CRM

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This article provides instructions to enable the InsideView Data Integrity Update button for Account, Contact, and Lead page layouts in your Salesforce instance.

The Data Integrity Update button allows users in your organization to quickly update Accounts, Contacts and Leads with InsideView’s comprehensive firmographic and demographic data directly to the Salesforce record.

Follow the instructions to:

Enable the Data Integrity Update Button

Step Description Details
 1 Log in Log in to with your admin user credentials.
 2 Go to installed packages Go to Setup and in the quick search bar type installed packages as illustrated:


 3 Configure the InsideView package Find the InsideView for AppExchange package and click Configure.


The InsideView Admin page opens:


For each entity (Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity), choose which of the default page layouts you would like to add the InsideView Sales CRM view and click Save.

 4 Enable the InsideView CRM View Click the Data Integrity Layout tab and select the page layouts in which you want to add the Data Integrity Update button.

In this example, the update button is enabled in the Account Layout in both the Classic Salesforce experience:


Click Save.

To enable this button in the Lightning experience, complete the following steps:

  • In Salesforce, go to Setup > Account Manager > Account > Page Layouts.


  • Click the Override the Predefined Actions link.account_overrides.png
  • Add Data Integrity Update button under the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience section.


  • Click Save.
 5 View the Data Integrity CRM View To verify, open an Account record and you will see the Data Integrity Update button at the top of the account record.


Repeat the above steps for Contact and Lead layouts.

6 Enable workflow rules To enable the Data Integrity workflow rules, follow these steps:
  • In the Salesforce Classic edition, go to Setup > Workflow & Approvals > Workflow Rules.

  • In the Lightning edition, go to Setup > Process Automation > Workflow Rules.

  • Activate the following workflow rules:Screen_Shot_2022-04-12_at_12.12.37_PM.png 
    • InsideView Outbound Rule for Accounts
    • InsideView Outbound Rule for Contacts
    • InsideView Outbound Rule for Leads
    • InsideView Outbound Rule for New Accounts
    • InsideView Outbound Rule for New Contacts
    • InsideView Outbound Rule for New Leads
7 Verify configurations
A Salesforce administrator must ensure that all User Profiles that have permission to create Accounts, Contacts, and Leads with the Send Outbound Messages permission is enabled. 

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