Common Causes of Low Match Rates

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Low match rates are sometimes due to the quality of the input data. Examples include the following cases: 

  • Demandbase users might have entered keywords that belong to the Company Name or Domain exclusion list. These keywords are maintained in the Demandbase database to avoid bad company matches and are continually expanded along with the email domain exclusion list. For example, a user who does not know the company name may input “unknown” for the company search. In the absence of our exclusion list, our matching algorithm might match this input with the company “Enemy Unknown AB”, which would not be what the user expects. But because of our Company Name exclusion list, these matches are prevented and may be the reason for low match rates.
  • Demandbase users entered email addresses that belong to the email domain exclusion list. In this case, personal and generic emails like will not match with the record for Google Inc.

Matcher unable to match despite data being present in Demandbase

Though Demandbase has built a matcher that works for most scenarios, it is possible that sometimes it cannot match records even though the data is present in the database.

In such cases, Demandbase recommends you to share the problem or issue with the technical support team.

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