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Find Connections and Send Referral Requests


In Sales Intelligence, all of your connection information is displayed on the Connection Details page. These connections are determined based on previous employers, education, personal, and reference account details that you entered while setting up your connections.

Finding Connections

You can use Connections to:

  • Identify your direct connections to a prospect: The person could be your co-worker, previous co-worker, an employee of your customer, or a personal connection.
  • Identify mutual connections with the prospect: See who in your connections are connected to your target.
  • View your connection details with an executive at a company.
Step Description Details
1 Go to the Company Info page Access the Company page of your target company. To do so:

In your CRM, locate the company (Account) and click its name. The Company page opens in the Sales Intelligence CRM view.


In the Sales Intelligence web view, enter the name of the company in the search box, click the search icon, and select the company you’re looking for.

2 View Connections On the Overview page, click on the People tab to find contacts with whom you have a connection.


3 Filter the list by details You can filter the list by job levels, functions, contact location, and by the type of connection you share with them. You can also search for executives by their name or job title using the search box above the list.
4 See the connection details page To open the Connection Details page for an employee, click View Connections.


Sending Referral Requests

Sales Intelligence enables you to ask someone who knows the person you are trying to reach to introduce you to that person. You can send referral requests to your connections through the Connection Details page.

To do so: 

Step Description Details
1 Go to the Connection Detail page Go to the Connection Detail of your target company by following the steps in the Finding Connections section.
2 Ask for Referral On the Connection Details page, find the person you want to ask to refer you from the list of connections and click Ask for Referral. An email message opens with the email address of the connection in the To field.


Note: The Ask for Referral button is unavailable for anyone whose email address is not present in the Sales Intelligence database.

3 Send the Request Enter your request. You can use the automatic message provided by default or customize it to suit your needs.


Tip: You might want to provide the referrer with recent news you find in the Sales Intelligence Agent results to use as a conversation starter. If you know the referrer well, you should consider asking the person to include a positive comment about you.

Click Send.


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