Sales Intelligence in Oracle Fusion CRM (Sales Cloud) Integration

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Sales Intelligence provides on-demand sales intelligence services for Oracle Sales Cloud. Sales Intelligence is invoked through links embedded in various Oracle Sales Cloud (OSC) object UI locations such as the Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities. This article describes a few integrations within Oracle Sales Cloud.


Oracle Sales Cloud Release 9

Known Prerequisites


UI Integration Summary

Sales Accounts

Mashup integration that combines the UI styles is created by adding a subtab "InsideView Profile" to the Edit Accounts detail page. Details for re-creating the integration are documented in the section Creating the Sales Intelligence and Oracle Sales Cloud UI Integration/Sales Accounts Integration.

Authentication and Authorization

Consult with Demandbase to define the authorization parameters and parameter values that will be passed to the Sales Intelligence application through a parameterized URL call from Oracle Sales Cloud. After those parameters and values are known, tweak the scripts shown in this document as needed.

Oracle Sales Cloud (OSC) Web Services Invoked


SOAP Request Examples (Executed by Sales Intelligence Web Application)


The Sales Intelligence and Oracle Sales Cloud UI Integration

Sales Accounts Integration

Implementation Notes

Follow these steps to add a sub-tab to OSC Accounts UI to display information coming from Sales Intelligence:

  1. Start Application Composer.
  2. From the Oracle Sales Cloud application drop-down list, select Common application.
  3. Expand Standard Objects tree node. 
  4. Expand Accounts object node.
  5. Click Pages icon.
  6. Click Simplified Pages tab.
  7. Under the Details Page Layouts, select the Default Layout (or current Active layout)
  8. Click the pencil icon above to edit the layout
  9. Scroll down till you see the “+” sign on the left to add a new tab. Click the tab.
  10. Select ‘Web Content’ and click Next
  11. Enter the required value for Display Label and select an Icon (required value is ‘InsideView’)
  12. In the URL Definition section, copy and paste this script. For the highlighted text in yellow background, consult Demandbase to determine the correct parameters.
  13. After pasting the script, click the expression validation icon to verify that the script is valid. When validation is successful, save the link definition and exit the edit screen. 
  14. Click Save and Close.

You are now done installing Sales Intelligence in your Account entity. The following section explains Sales Account Integration and how it appears in your entity object after the configuration.

Sales Accounts Integration 

1. Select Accounts from the film strip.
2. From the Accounts list, select an account.
3. Once the account is selected, the Edit mode opens

4. Click InsideView Account Profile sub-tab

5. In the Demandbase screen, sales intelligence information related to the Sales Accounts is displayed.

Implementation Notes

You can follow a similar approach as illustrated above to integrate Demandbase with ContactsOpportunities and Leads. You can download the integration scripts for ContactsOpportunities and Leads by clicking these links. Also, remember to go to the corresponding objects to configure Demandbase.

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