How to Build a List with Suppressed Companies

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Build a list with a set of suppressed companies to share your marketing campaigns by importing Company IDs from a Microsoft Excel file.

This KB provides instructions to create a list by uploading a .csv file and create a list of suppressed companies using a Watchlist.

Note: The .xlsx, .xls, or .csv file must have the InsideView ID field to retrieve the company details into the Insights application. You can upload a list of companies, and find out what technologies those companies are using. Insights allow you to use the Suppression List filter, which is available only when the CSM enables this feature.

Step Description Details
1 Launch Target  Click the Build a List tab in the Insights standalone instance.buildlist_new.png
2 Go to the Import Page

On the Insights page, click the Create a New List of Companies link.


Click the Upload a File button:create_new1_small.png

Note: You can upload .xlsx .xls or .csv file and the Upload a File option is visible only when your customer support manager (CSM) enables this option while onboarding.

3 Import the data file
  • In the Upload File page, once you click the button a popup to select a file opens:           

Note: The search criteria options are disabled on this page. These options will be enabled only after you import an excel file with valid company IDs.

  • On the Open page, select the data file and click Open.            
  • Once the file is imported successfully, the file name is displayed and, when you click Next as illustrated below:
4 Select the field mapping

In the Map Your Fields page, select the CRM Account ID and fields that you wish to map. For example, choose the InsideView ID field.        

The mapping process begins:         

Once the matching is completed, the Matching Complete popup appears:         


5 Review Matches Once matching is completed, click Review to see the match statuses:
  • If a match is found, do nothing and click Next.
  • If NO Match is found, click the Find the Correct Company link.
  • In the Choose a Correct Company page, enter the search keyword and click the Select link in the results and click Save. For example, enter Microsoft in the search field and click Select for any one of the Microsoft company name and, then click Save.
  • Follow the same steps to find a correct company for remaining unmatched companies and, then click Next.
6 Save

Once all company matches are found, click Save & Close to save the list and continue your search.

Enter a name for the list and then click Save.


7 Build a suppress companies list

Once the list of companies is created, Insights also allow you to suppress companies that you don't wish to see in the search results based on your list.

Note: The Start with a List option in the list build works as inclusion, whereas the Suppression List option works as exclusion.

To suppress a list of companies, select an existing list, or using a watchlist.

Go to the Filters tab, and in the Companies sub-tab select Suppression List and choose the Watchlist option as illustrated:suppress_companies_small.png

Once you select the option, click Apply and Search.suppress_companies1_small.png

You will see the companies that you are following in the results:suppress_companies2_small.png

When you select a saved list or watchlist using the Suppression List criteria, this option will suppress all the companies that are present in the selected list or watchlist. Along with companies, all the contacts that are associated with the suppressed companies will not appear in the people search results.

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