Reviewing Errors in the Data Integrity Error Dashboard

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This article provides instructions to review the errors that occur while executing Data Integrity processes. To learn how to resolve and troubleshoot the errors, read the Troubleshooting Errors in InsideView Data Integrity article.

Follow these instructions to review the Data Integrity Error Dashboard:

Step Description Details
1 Go to the Resolve Errors page Log in to the Data Integrity Dashboard and click the Resolve Errors link.


The Error Dashboard opens with the most recent error on top.


Note: You can also access the Error Dashboard in the following ways:
  • Select the Click here link on the pop-up on the Data Integrity Dashboard.


  • In the Review Matches page, select the Resolve Errors link.


2 Choose the severity type On the Resolve Errors page, choose the severity by hovering on the Severity column and click the filter Filter_icon.png icon.

Select any one of the following options:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low


3 Select an error type On the Resolve Errors page, hover on the Type column and click the filter Filter_icon.pngicon and select an option or multiple options.


To learn how to fix each of these errors, read the Troubleshooting Errors in InsideView Data Integrity article in our Knowledge Base.
4 Review failed  records

To view the complete list of failed records due to this error, click the number link in the records column.

Enter a record name in the search bar to find a specific record and to view it in CRM, click the Name link.


5 View error message details Click the View Error Message link in the Description column to view the detailed error message.


6 Export the errors Hover over the error row and click the Export icon to export the error details.


To export multiple records, select the checkbox for multiple records, and click Export.


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