Visualizing Lists

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Once you have created a static or dynamic Account Based List, you can visualize the list to view its characteristics and to find recommendations of similar companies.

Step Description Details
 1 Log in to InsideView Apex Log in to InsideView Admin Portal with user credentials.
 2 Go to the List page To visualize, click Apex and select the Account Based Lists link.

 3 Go to the list Select the list that you want to view by clicking the Name link. For example, click the US Companies 150 link.

 4 Visualize the list You can filter your lists by changing any of the following filters in the left pane or any visualization on the right:
  • Location – allows you to select and deselect available locations in your list either from the left pane or map.



  • Employee Count – allows you to filter results by the number of employees at companies.


    You can also click in the donut chart to filter the list.


  • Revenue – allows you to filter results by the companies’ annual revenue.


    You can use the donut chart to filter results by clicking the desired revenue range.


  • Industry – allows you to filter results based on industry and sub-industry types.


    You can also click the Industry or Sub-industry options in the bar charts.


 5 Visualize the company tab Select the Company tab to view companies in the list.


Select the check box beside company names to view their details as illustrated below:


Click the Chevron  icon to expand or collapse a company’s firmographic details.

Click Save to add companies to a new list or an existing list.

For more information, read article Adding Companies to a List in our Knowledge Base.

 6 Export or delete companies Click Export to export companies to an .xlsx file.


Click Delete to remove selected companies from the list.

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