Visualizing a Total Addressable Market Segment’s Whitespace

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Once you have created a market segment, you can visualize companies or people and add lists of your current companies so that you can identify your market segment’s whitespace.

The whitespace in your market segment is the unexplored list of companies available in InsideView, which is pulled when you add a list of your existing customers. The whitespace shows size of opportunities that are available in your segment. This whitespace can be quite helpful for you to find the right companies for business dealings.

Here’s how you can visualize a market segment:

Step Description Details
 1 Log in to InsideView Apex Log in to InsideView Admin Portal with user credentials.
 2 Select a Market Segment type Click Apex and select the Market Segments link and click on the Banking Companies segment.

 3 Visualize the Overview tab Select the Overview tab to view the following information:
  • Addressable Market


  • Click Add List in the Addressable Market region as illustrated below:


  • Click the Create New List link to create a list. To learn how to create account-based lists, read the articles Creating a Static Account Based List, Creating a Dynamic Account Based List from Salesforce, and Creating a Dynamic Account Based List from Microsoft Dynamics in our Knowledge Base.
  • Or, click any link under the Add Existing List region to add the list directly to your market segment.
  • When you add an existing list to a market segment, InsideView Apex pulls companies from your list. You can visualize whitespace with companies in your list and an overlap as illustrated below:

  • Once you add a list, you select the Market Segment, Whitespace or an Overlap list of companies in the left pane.add_list3.png

    Note: You can only edit your market segment from this screen.add_list4.png

Employee Count


  • To filter your search results by employee count, click on any employee count range in the visualization or in the left pane.
  • In this example, there are 4,095 companies with an employee count of 500 to 1000.

    Notice how the company and employee count filter changes are displayed in the dashboard.

  • You can also change the Employee Count range in the left pane as illustrated:


  • If you click the employee count range of 100 to 500 the company count changes to 23,421 with both options selected.

  • You can select or deselect the employee count range to visualize the companies and people in the range that you opted.



  • To filter your search results by revenue, click on any revenue range in the visualization or left pane.
  • For example, select greater than 1000 M (10000 M) to filter your results down to 2,662 companies.


  • To filter your search results by location, click on any country in the visualization or location criteria in the left pane. For example, click the United States location as illustrated below:location2.png
  • To filter and visualize state maps, click the Country drop-down and select either Canada or the United States.


  • For example, select Canada.location4.png
  • Click the Chevron chevron_new1.png icon to expand the Location to view and select the other locations.


  • Click the Chevron chevron_new.png again to close the location view.chevron_new3.png



  • If you have multiple industries in your segment, you can click on any industry type to filter results.



  • Click on any sub-industry in this region to filter results with your selection. For example, click the IT Services sub-industry option as illustrated below:

  • Notice screen above and see the results are filtered to display 3,161 companies with IT Services as sub–industry.

Job Function


  • Select the Sales option in the Job Function region to view executives with sales as their job role.

  • Notice the donut chart shows only 37,612 executives with sales as their job function in 2071 companies.
  • You can select any job function to filter companies and people in your market segment.

Job Level


  • Select the Vice President option in the Job Level region to filter executives with VP designation in their job title.

    • You can select filters in multiple categories in your market segment to narrow down your target market.

      Note: The market segment visualization displays filters that you define while creating or editing a segment.

 4 Visualize the Companies tab The Companies tab shows you the list of companies in your market segment.

  • Select or deselect filters in the left pane to filter the companies in your list.


    Note: Scroll down to view more filters that you can use in a market segment.

  • Select the check box for a company to view firmographic details as illustrated below:

  • You can click the Industry link beside a company name to view the detailed industry information:

  • You can also select multiple companies to view details.

  • Click Delete to remove selected companies from your market segment.
  • Click Export to export selected companies to a .xlsx 
  • Click Save to create a new list with selected companies or add those companies to an existing list. For more information, read the article Adding Companies to a List from a Market Segment in our knowledge base.
 5 Visualize the People tab The People tab displays the number of people that you can view in your target market segment.

  • Select or deselect filters in the left pane to identify the right executives in your market segment.


  • Select the check box for an executive to view details of that particular contact as illustrated below:

  • You can select multiple executives to view their details.

  • To expand and collapse the contact’s detail click thechevron.png icon in the right pane.
  • Click Delete to remove selected executives from your market segment.
  • Click Export to export selected executives in an .xlsx file.
 6 Save Click Save to save all changes that you made in the market segment cards.


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