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2013/15 Online : How CRM Admins can Regain Access to Continue as Admin Option

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The Continue as Admin button enables the CRM Administration to grant access to Insights for all users. This is a very useful and time-saving feature.

However, if the Administrator clicks the Continue as User button in error, Insights access will be granted only to the Administrator and each user will be required to grant access to themselves. Additionally, the Continue as Admin option will no longer be available to the Administrator.

The purpose of this article is to provide steps for the CRM Administrator to regain access to theContinue as Admin button.

To regain access to the Continue as Admin option, the CRM Administrator must remove access to Insights in Windows Azure Active Directory. There are two ways to do this:

Remove Access using Windows Azure Web Portal

Note: To use this option, the customer must have the Windows Azure web portal enabled for their tenant.

Step Description Details
 1 Login to the Portal Log in to the Windows Azure web portal at

 2 Choose the entry from the list Click Active Directory in the left column and then choose the correct entry from the list.

 3 Select Insights from the list Click Applications at the top to get a list of applications that have been granted access, then select Insights from the list.

 4 Go to the 'Manage Access' section Click Manage Access at the bottom of the screen.

 5 Remove Access Click Remove Access.

Remove Access using Windows PowerShell

Note: These steps assume that the customer has Windows Powershell installed along with Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows Powershell. For further details refer to this article Manage Azure AD using Windows Power Shell.

Step Description Details
 1 Open  Open Windows PowerShell.

 2 Run the command Run the command: import-module msonline.

 3 Run the command  Run the command: connect-msolservice and log in with your Office 365 credentials.


 4 Run the command Run the command: get-msolserviceprincipal | where {$_.displayname -like "Insights"}.

 5 Copy the value Copy the value of ObjectId and then run the command: remove-msolserviceprincipal -objectid xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx.

 6 View the Continue as Admin option
After running the above command, you will be able to view the Continue as Admin option.

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