Managing InsideView Enrich Account Settings for Salesforce CRM

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Before creating a lead in Salesforce CRM, switch to Insideview Enrich and enable the following:

  • Country Picklist check box to invoke ISO codes for countries.
  • Lead Assignment Trigger check box to invoke lead assignment rules

Enabling Lead Assignment Trigger

Step Description Details
1 Enable the lead assignment trigger

On the Enrich page, click on the Account Settings icon as shown below:

The Accounts Settings page opens as illustrated below:

 2 Select the lead assignment trigger settings.
  • When you select the Enable Lead Assignment Trigger check box, the assignment rule is triggered if “Active Assignment Rules” are selected in Salesforce after creating a new lead manually through the User Interface (UI) or programmatically using Data Loader or BULK application programming interface (API) services.
  • When you deselect the Enable Lead Assignment Trigger check box, the assignment rule does not trigger for leads which do not have the "Active Assignment Rules" checked upon lead creation. To trigger the assignment rules, you have to make sure that the "Assign using Active Assignment Rule" check box is selected once the lead is created, manually as well as programmatically, in Salesforce.

Note: Enrichment of leads will happen irrespective of the setting that you have selected for Enable Lead Assignment Trigger. This setting, on its own, does not initiate assignment rules. However, lead assignment rules are enabled for API services when you create the custom assignment rule in Salesforce.

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