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How can I trouble-shoot or isolate a problem that I am encountering?

Internally, InsideView team members try to isolate application problems by creating an API call that is identical to that being produced by the application in a developer-oriented HTTP client such as the Chrome Postman plug-in. Usually this uncovers an error or assumption in the application, and speeds the debugging process. When it uncovers an error in the InsideView API, the isolation process makes it easy to submit a very useful bug report. InsideView recommends the same trouble-shooting process for customers of the API.

Trouble-shooting hasn't solved my problem. How can I get support?

Thank you for wading through the trouble-shooting steps. Please contact InsideView support by opening a ticket at https://my.insideview.com/iv/getSupportCommunity.do.

My access Token has expired. How can I generate new access token?

The process to generate a new access token is documented in Authentication and Authorization Overview. You need to access New-Token-endpoint to request a new access token.

Can I persist data retrieved via the API in my system?

Our API usage model is not a bulk license of our content for your external use.  However, we have a few approved use cases:

Analytical use: large quantities of data are persisted in your database for analytical use only and specific records may not be passed through to the customer. However the results of this analytical use can be used to benefit your customers. [e.g. Lead scoring, Predictive Modeling]

Per user use [aka your customer use]: you may pass through companies or contacts on a per-end user [aka per customer] use. This information can persist in your database at a customer-level. [e.g. Company or Contact enrichment for a specific customer]. You can also suggest additional items for your user [e.g. Suggest additional contacts at a company, Alert the user of news [e.g. leadership changes] at the relevant companies, Alert the user of an event/change to the contact]

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