Managing Installed Tech Data

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Important: This article is no longer being maintained or updated. For the latest information about this product or feature, see the following article.

Manage Installed Tech Data Settings


The Installed Tech Data (technographics) add-on helps you win more business by identifying companies that use relevant technologies in the market.

This article provides instructions for a Sales Intelligence administrator to select technologies that are relevant to their business. 

Step Description Details
1 Go to Admin Settings

On the top right, click the drop down next to the user icon and click Admin

2 Add Tech Data

Go to Account Settings > Tech Settings to add technologies that are relevant to your business. 

Click the plus (+) sign to select the desired technologies and click Save.

Tip: Use filters on the left or the search box to quickly find relevant technologies.  For example, select the Cloud Infrastructure Computing category to quickly filter out all technology except those in Cloud Infrastructure, such as Akamai CDN, Amazon AWS, Amazon EC2, or Amazon S3.

Important: Intent topics are visible only when you purchase the Sales Intelligence Tech Data add-on. Contact your Demandbase customer success manager to upgrade your plan to add more technologies.


3 Edit Tech Data

You must contact Support to modify your tech data settings. Click the Demandbase Support link to modify your chosen tech data. 

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