Add Sales Intelligence Cloud Dashboard Widget in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Dashboard

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You can customize your Microsoft Dynamics to use the Sales Intelligence Cloud Dashboard widget to view the latest news for the companies and people you are tracking right from the Dynamics CRM home screen for business opportunities.

Step Description Details
1 Open the CRM Dashboard Log in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM with System Administrator credentials.
  • Go to Settings Customization Customize the System.
  • In the Solution Explorer dialog, double-click the Dashboards link.


  • Open the Dashboard on which you want to add the InsideView Insights dashboard widget. For example, scroll down and double-click on the Sales Activity Dashboard.
2 Insert the Insights dashboard In the Dashboard Editor pop-up, click the Web Resource link.

3 Add web resource properties Enter the following properties on the web resource pop-up:
  • For the Web Resource property value, enter iv and click Search to select the Insights Dashboard from the CRM. You should see something like iv_/webpages/insights_dashboard.htm. Select this entry in the search result.
  • Enter WebResource_insightdashboard in the Name and Insights Dashboard in the Label fields.
  • Select the Visible by default check box.


Click OK  and then click Save.

4 Publish customizations In the Solution Explorer window, select the Sales Activity Dashboard check box or any dashboard that you have customized and click Publish.


5 View Insights dashboard Click Close and return to Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s dashboard you will see your Watchlist activity stream in the home page.

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