Finding Recommendations in a List

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InsideView Apex provides recommendations of similar companies that are available in the InsideView database for a list that you have created.

Note: The maximum number of recommendations that are available for any given list is 1,000 companies.

You can get recommended companies for both static and dynamic Account Based Lists. Here’s how:

Step Description Details
 1 Log in to InsideView Apex Log in to InsideView Admin Portal with user credentials.
 2 Go to the List page To visualize, click Apex and select the Account Based Lists link.

 3 Go to the list Select the list that you want to view by clicking the Name link. For example, click the US Companies 150 link.

 4 Find and filter recommendations  To find recommendations of similar companies, click Get Recommendations as illustrated below:

  • In the Recommendations page, if you want to see if a particular company is recommended, you can enter the company name in the Search box. For example, enter Franklin and the type-ahead suggestions will find Franklin Resources, Inc. Company.

    Note: Search option is currently available only for recommendations of similar companies.

  • To filter recommended companies, click the filter filter_icon.png icon in the Score region and select the check box beside the ratings.


    The Score is displayed in the form of star ratings ranging from 1 to 5 where 5 represents the best recommendations and 1 represents the lowest.

  • By default recommended companies are sorted in the order from highest to lowest recommendation. You can select 5 star ratings in the Score to view recommended companies only with that particular rating as illustrated below:

    You can select one or many star ratings to view recommended companies based on your selection.

 5 View similar companies To view which companies from your list the recommendations are based on, click on the relevant Company Name row as illustrated below:


Click on the same row again to collapse similar companies. 

 6 View firmographics data To view firmographic data, in the Recommendations page, select one or more of the recommended companies as shown below:


 7 Save Click Save to add selected companies to a new or an existing list.


For more information, read article Adding Companies to a List in our Knowledge Base.

Click Export to download selected companies to an .xlsx.

Note: The number of companies that you can export is based on credits available in your InsideView Apex account.

Click Delete to remove selected companies from the recommendations page.

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