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account: In code accountName. Refers to the accountName, clientId, clientSecret combination and any other configuration associated with this combination. Discussed in detail in the authentication and authorization overview. Collectively, sometimes referred to as the API "key."

access token: in HTTP headers, accessToken, in text sometimes just "token". Discussed in detail in the authentication and authorization overview.


client ID: In code clientId. A randomly generated, but not secret, ID that is associated with the account. An account is often referred to by its account name, which is a more human-friendly identifier, but in code, the account is referred to by the client ID.

client secret: in code clientSecret. A randomly generated, secret string that is associated with the client ID. Discussed in the authentication and authorization overview.


ID: In code, id, companyId or contactId, depending on context. In text, ID may refer to a company id, or a contact id, and when this is not obvious from context, which it refers to is specified.


key: Refers to the combination of clientId and clientSecret. The latter terminology is motivated by OAuth 2.0 terminology. "Account" and "key" are used interchangeably in the knowledge base documentation.


throttling time period: A sliding window of time over which counts of requests for a token are accumulated. Discussed in the throttling and quota monitoring overview.

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