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Demandbase provides unique capabilities to improve sales and marketing data quality at scale by combining technology, artificial intelligence, and participation from our growing community of customers and partners. Demandbase solves the problem of bad data quality by expanding data integrations with the inclusion of sales and marketing record activities from your CRM and MAP systems of record.  

How it Works:

Demandbase enables you to configure an integration setting into your marketing automation and/or your CRM and ingest real-time feedback on how our data is performing.  For example, you can now configure Enrich to start listening to interactions from your CRM or marketing automation system as a background task by enabling the Yes, I'm interested check box.


Potential Questions:


  • Community benefit only - Only members that participate in this community program will realize the data quality benefits.  
  • Usage - Not all of your records will be used for validation.  We will anonymize and hash all of the content transmitted from your CRM / MAP, but will perform a match against our reference database.  Any records that are unmatched will be partitioned and remain unused.
  • Opt-out - You can opt out at any time with 30 day written notice via email or direct mail.
  • Would you like to join our customer data network community to provide us with real time feedback on your experiences and results with IV data?
  1. Yes?  Great, thank you.  We will follow up with you for additional details and next steps as the program evolves.  


    1. No,  Sorry to hear. What objections or concerns do you have?
      1. Security and Privacy - Our control scope is based on ISO 27002 best practices, which are broadly accepted in the industry, and includes our Data, Operations, and Engineering functions. ISO 27018 covers the Privacy aspects of our controls (policy, abilities to opt-out, etc.).  See:
      2. Value unclear - Only community members will receive the data quality benefits.  We use both the real time recency of the activities, interactions, and signals from your systems of record as an additional layer for validation.   
      3. More info - Would you like to discuss concerns with our Head of Data Strategy?


Educate and FAQ :

  • What data will be collected from my CRM / MAP?
    • Specific inputs include marketing leads and profile records that are enriched via Demandbase services including emails, names, titles, and company information.
    • Specific inputs would include marketing leads and profile records with details such as outbound email deliverability response or direct mail responses.  
    • Specific inputs include anonymized sales account profiles and records of activities such as email communications, phone connections, responses, and client meetings.
    • Lead Enrichment
    • Target
    • Refresh
  • How do you ensure anonymization of my CRM and MAP data?
    • Data is anonymized and aggregated so it cannot be traced back to the source. The SHA-256 hashing techniques uses algorithm to transform email addresses into hexadecimal strings, so each email becomes an unrecognizable jumble of numbers and letters. This code cannot be traced back to the email address.  This is critical for ensuring that a client’s proprietary data is not exposed. Identifiers including name, email address, and phone number are also transformed so they can be used for matching without revealing their actual contents.
  • Will by data be commingled with other customers?
    • The system uses client inputs to only validate information gathered from non-client sources like public filings, government records, web pages, and social media so information known only to clients is not shared with other clients.
  • How big is the community?
    • The community was created in 2017 and participation has included both SMB as well as Enterprise customers.  Demandbase does not communicate # of active customers due to the competitive landscape of our business and because of the proprietary nature of this concept.  However, adoption has grown at a 25% rate month over month.
  • How many records are validated using these methods?
    • Demandbase does not communicate # of active records using this proprietary methodology due to the competitive landscape of our business.  However the quality of our data has greatly benefited to 90% contact employment accuracy.

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