How to Save a Search in Target

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Target allows you to save the search criteria with a unique name so that you can use the same criteria for future searches.


To save a search, you must first build a list of companies or people. For more information, read the articles How to Build a People List in Target and How to Build a Company List in Target in our Knowledge Base.

Step Description Details
1 Save search criteria On the Results page, click Save select either Save or Save As.


Note: You can toggle between company and people list to filter the respective lists.

2 Enter a name  On the Save Search popup, enter a unique name for your search criteria and click Save as illustrated below:



3 View search criteria On the Target dashboard, click the drop-down and select Saved Lists & Searches to view all saved items.


Note: You can also update a saved search by modifying the criteria and clicking Save. You can use the same name for an existing saved search or rename it if you want to create a new search.

4 Delete a saved search To delete a saved search, go to the Saved Lists and Searches page, hover over the list you want to delete, and, click the Delete icon.


To delete multiple saved lists or searches, click the check-box to select the lists and click Delete.


To edit the list, click the Pencil icon

To search within the list, click the Search icon.


You can now use the filters to narrow down your search to find the exact company or executive as illustrated:


You can use the following search options:

  • Job Title
  • Job Level
  • Job Function
  • Social Networks
  • Contact Info
  • Contact Location
  • News
  • Technology

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