Managing Account Hierarchies in Salesforce CRM

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 Salesforce CRM  allows customers to create account hierarchies (i.e. family tree relationships of a company) to give customers a more complete picture of their customers and prospects. InsideView Data Integrity provides comprehensive company data including a unique identifier that enables automatic account linking in Salesforce by populating InsideView IDs into the Parent ID field on each account in CRM.

By automatically creating and updating Salesforce account hierarchies to mirror InsideView’s family tree data, you can ensure that you always have the most up-to-date and complete company data in your CRM, enabling your revenue teams to better understand customers and prospects and grow relationships.

Account Hierarchies Setup Pre-requisites

Before enabling the Account Hierarchy workflows, complete the following prerequisites:

  • Complete an Integration setup in InsideView Unified Portal to establish a communication channel between InsideView Data Integrity and Salesforce CRM. For more information, read the article Setting Up an Integration for Salesforce CRM in Data Integrity in our Knowledge Base.
  • Before enabling the Account Hierarchy flows in Data Integrity, disable existing account hierarchy flows in your Salesforce CRM (if these flows are enabled).
  • Before running the data management process, reduce the Batch size to 100. For information read the article Setting Up an Integration for Salesforce CRM in Data Integrity in our Knowledge Base.
  • Install the latest InsideView package in the Salesforce CRM instance. For more information, read the article Installing InsideView in Salesforce CRM in our Knowledge Base. This package installation will create the following fields in Salesforce CRM: 

    Account and Lead Entity

    • Insideview Company ID
    • Insideview Parent ID
    • Insideview Ultimate Parent ID

        These fields will NOT be available in the Field Mapping screen but can be synced to CRM. 

Important Note:

If you want to process more than 200,000 records as part of a query using InsideView Data Integrity, the Account Hierarchy flow might not be able to execute successfully. This is due to a SOQL query limitation and the Salesforce CRM will likely return an error. 

Workaround: You can contact the support team and share the following account hierarchy SOQL queries with them:

  • SELECT Id, iv__InsideView_Parent_Company_ID__c FROM Account where iv__InsideView_Parent_Company_ID__c = 733081(use any parent ID that exists in CRM) limit 20
  • SELECT Id, iv__InsideView_Parent_Company_ID__c FROM Account where iv__InsideView_Company_ID__c = 10322153(use any IV ID that exists in CRM) limit 1

Ask the Salesforce support team to "index" two account fields. The InsideView Company ID and InsideView Parent Company ID on the account record are the fields that should be indexed.

To enable the Account Hierarchies feature, follow these instructions:

Step Description Details
1 Go to the Unified Portal In the Data Integrity Dashboard, click the Profile Dropdown at the top and select Admin item to open Admin Portal as illustrated:


In the Account Settings page, click the Integrations tab. 

Then hover over the integration for which you want to enable the Account Hierarchies feature and click the Edit icon.


2 Go to the Account Hierarchy setup In the Integration Setup page, review the Integration details and click Next.


In the Integration Setup workflow pages, make sure that Data Integrity is enabled as illustrated:


Review your integration user and field mappings for Accounts, Contacts, and Leads then click Next to open the Automate account and lead linkages setup page.

3 Enable the Account Hierarchies feature In the Automate account and lead linkages page, you can do the following:
  • If your CSM has enabled the Account Hierarchies feature, select the Activate Default Settings option to create and activate Account Hierarchies workflows in your Salesforce CRM.


  • Select the Customize Settings option to create the Account Hierarchies workflows in your CRM and activate them later.


  • Once the Account Hierarchy workflows are activated, click Saveaccount_hierarchies3_small.png

  • Click the pencil.png to edit the Account Hierarchies workflows based your business process requirements in Salesforce CRM.

  • Click the delete.png to delete the Account Hierarchies settings if required.

4 View family tree in Salesforce CRM Once Account Hierarchies is enabled, log in to your Salesforce CRM and go to any Account Details page and select the Account Hierarchy tab as illustrated:  


Now, Salesforce account hierarchies will be mirrored to InsideView’s family tree data in your CRM without any manual effort by your end-users or operations team, making it easier to find related companies and grow relationships



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