How to Export a List of Companies or People from Target

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Export a list of companies or people you're interested in.

Step Description Details
 1 Go to Target In Sales Intelligence, click Build a List.


 2 Select the list to export Note: You must build a list first and export the results. For more information, read the articles below:


You can load a saved lists by clicking the Saved link at the top of the Target page.

 3 Click Export On the Search Results page, click Export, then click the Companies or People subtab based on which type of list you want to export and then Export to select the Export People to .xlsx file item.


Note: The number of company records you can export depends on your  Target limit.

You can also select single or multiple desired executives that you wish to export to your Salesforce CRM, Eloqua or Marketo marketing automation application as illustrated below:


 4 Save the file Save or open the exported file.

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